Increase spending at checkout with free shipping progress bar

Checkout upsells are an effective way to increase your store's average order value, but how do you motivate customers to take advantage of these offers?

Boost's Checkout Rewards Progress Bar is a powerful tool that strategically shows shoppers how close they are to unlocking a reward, encouraging them to add more items to their cart.

In this playbook, we'll explore how the Checkout Rewards Progress Bar works and how Shopify Plus stores can leverage this feature to maximize the impact of their checkout upsells, ultimately driving more revenue and customer satisfaction.

Boost's Checkout Upsells: Free for Shopify Plus Stores

Shopify Plus stores, listen up! Boost's Checkout Upsells, including the Checkout Rewards Progress Bar, are completely free. You can be live less than 5 mutes from now. Most stores increase performance while saving $3,600+ per year.

The Power of Visual Motivation

Boost's Checkout Rewards Progress Bar is a game-changer when it comes to encouraging customers to increase their cart value. By visually displaying the gap between the customer's current cart value and the next reward tier, the progress bar creates a powerful psychological incentive to add more items.

Example: If a customer's cart is at $72 and free shipping unlocks at $99, the bar will clearly display the $27 gap, motivating them to add more products to their cart to reach the free shipping threshold.

By strategically placing the progress bar during the checkout process, you can capture your customers' attention and drive them to take action, ultimately increasing your store's average order value and overall revenue.

Setting Up Your Checkout Rewards Progress Bar

  1. Go to Cart > Rewards How to access the Boost cart rewards page
  2. Setup at least one reward tier, like free shipping.
  3. Done! Now at checkout, customers will see the Checkout Rewards Progress Bar when they’re close to unlocking the next reward tier. Boost Progress Bar at checkout


With Boost, you can easily do more! The Checkout Rewards Progress Bar is ideal for encouraging customers to qualify not only for free shipping but also discounts and free gifts when you combine Checkout Boost with Cart Boost.

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