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Full Feature List

Shopping Cart Features

  • Incentive Rewards

    Offer up to four types of rewards such as free shipping, gifts, percentage, or dollar amount discounts on orders.

  • Empty Cart Customization

    Custom CTA button and two customizable customer benefits.

  • Fast Checkout Option

    Improve conversion rates with a streamlined checkout process.

  • Sticky Product Bar

    A fixed bar displaying product title, total reviews, and a 'buy now' option.

  • Order Notes

    Option to enable notes, allowing customers to add special instructions during the checkout process.

Rewards System Features

  • Currency Configuration

    Supports defining rewards tiers according to different currencies for multi-currency stores.

  • Multi-tier Reward System

    Up to four customizable reward tiers.

AI and Powerups Features

  • AI-powered Powerups

    Intelligent suggestions for personalized products based on items in the customers' cart.

  • Cross-Selling

    Offers additional product options that align with the products already in a customer's cart.

Customization and Appearance Options

  • Custom Appearance

    Options to customize the colors and text used in the Boost cart and bundle builders.

Collection and Product Discovery Features

  • Flexibility in Product Inclusion

    Choose and reorder the product list for custom bundle or collection.

  • Filtering System

    Enables Hero and Sidebar Filters for simplified product discovery.

  • Mobile View Layout

    Options to set preferred layout for mobile view of collections page.

  • Default Sorting

    Define default sorting method for your products with options of best sellers, alphabetical, price, date, manual, etc.

  • Product Descriptions

    Option to enable or disable product descriptions in your collection.

  • Search Bar

    Option to enable or disable search bar on collections page for easy product search.

  • Store Logo

    Option to upload store logo for collections page.

Bundle Builder Features

  • Custom Bundle Sizes

    Supports up to three bundle sizes, each with a distinct discount percentage.

  • Bundle Building Filters

    Filter capability to assist customers in creating their custom bundle.

  • Bundle Benefits Display

    Option to highlight top three benefits of opting for a custom bundle.

Settings and Integrations

  • Review App Integration

    Choose and integrate review applications like Yotpo or on your product cards.

  • Subscription Service Integration

    Choose and integrate subscription services like Recharge, Skio, or StayAI.

  • Tracking Scripts

    Capture and analyze custom events on Bundle Builder pages with tools like Google Analytics and Elevar.

Additional Features

  • Customer Benefits Display

    Option to add up to two customer benefits to display at the bottom of the empty cart state for improving trust and conversion rate.

  • Tip Section

    Tips and suggestions to guide you in creating effective filters and highlighting bundle benefits.

  • Custom Code Snippets

    Supports inclusion of custom code snippets.

  • Subscription Opt-in CTA

    Allows you to customize the appearance and text of the subscription opt-in CTA.

  • Product Editing

    Easily edit details of your products, including cart powerups description, quick view details, and product filters.

Boost powers some of the fastest-growing ecom brands

  • Heart and Soil
  • Kettle and Fire
  • Rheal Superfoods
  • Equip
  • Adapt Naturals
  • Alpha Paw
  • Teabox
  • Surely Wines
  • Carnivore Snax
  • Lineage
  • Hunter and Gather foods
  • Hydralyte
  • Heart and Soil
  • Kettle and Fire
  • Rheal Superfoods
  • Equip
  • Adapt Naturals
  • Alpha Paw
  • Teabox
  • Surely Wines
  • immi
  • Carnivore Snax
  • Lineage
  • Hunter and Gather foods
  • Hydralyte

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