Boost sales and customers loyalty with a free gift

Want to motivate your customers to spend more and significantly increase your average order value? Offering a desirable free gift when customers reach a specific cart tier is a proven strategy used by top-performing Shopify stores.

In this playbook, we'll show you how to set up a "Free Gift with Purchase" cart tier using Boost Cart and share the impressive results our customers have achieved with this powerful technique.

The Power of Free Gift Cart Tiers

Numerous Shopify stores have successfully implemented gamified cart tier strategies that offer free gifts when customers reach specific spending thresholds. The results speak for themselves:

  • Consistent double-digit increases in revenue per visitor
  • Similar double-digit boosts in profit per visitor
  • Substantial increases in monthly revenue, often exceeding tens of thousands of dollars

By introducing a free gift tier in addition to a free shipping tier, stores create an irresistible offer that encourages customers to spend more. Using engaging visual elements like locked gift icons, "FREE" tags, and color selectors for the gift enhances the appeal and perceived value of the offer.

Implementing Free Gift Cart Tiers with Boost

Now, let's walk through how you can easily set up a "Free Gift with Purchase" cart tier using Boost Cart and start seeing similar results for your store:

  1. Go to Cart > Rewards How to access the Boost cart rewards page
  2. From the Tier Reward dropdown, select ‘Free Gift’ How to choose free gift in Boost
  3. In the Reward Threshold field, input your desired amount customers need to spend to unlock the Free Gift.
  4. Lastly, choose your free gift by clicking on ‘Choose product’ and save your changes. How to choose gift in BoostHow to save gift in Boost

Boost Your Cart, Boost Your Revenue

Transform your Shopify cart into a growth engine that drives bigger orders, encourages product discovery, and creates loyal customers.

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