Boost Sales by Striking While the Iron is Hot

Increase order value and clear inventory faster by offering deals when customer excitement is at its peak—after checkout.

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A favorite of food, health, and wellness brands.

  • Equip Foods
  • Rheal Superfoods
  • Adapt Naturals
  • Carnivore Aurelius
  • Hunter and Gather Foods
  • Hydralyte
  • Kettle & Fire
  • Heart & Soil
  • Boxed Halal
  • Carnivore Snax
  • Happy Wolf
  • Douxds
Equip Foods
Heart & Soil
Rheal Superfoods
Adapt Naturals
Carnivore Snax
Kettle & Fire
Hunter and Gather Foods
Carnivore Aurelius
Boxed Halal
Happy Wolf

Top-Performing Store Doubles AOV with Boost

"We've tried two other popular apps, and Boost outperformed them all in both AOV and conversion. The app is incredibly user-friendly on the backend, and our customers love the experience."

Equip Foods

High-Converting Upsell Sequence

Boost Post-Purchase maximizes revenue by targeting customers with a two-step upsell sequence. First, it capitalizes on immediate interest by offering more of the product they just ordered. Then, it keeps the sales momentum going with a second offer, featuring three types of last-minute deals to choose from.

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First Post-Purchase Offer: Strike While the Iron is Hot

Boost Post-Purchase capitalizes on immediate customer interest by offering more of the product they just ordered, focusing on the last item added for multi-product orders. This targeted approach maximizes the potential for additional sales.

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Second Post-Purchase Offer: Keep the Momentum Going

Present customers with a second post-purchase offer to maintain sales momentum. Choose from three types of last-minute offers:

  1. Boost AI Recommendations: Intelligently suggest up to 4 products based on the order's contents for a personalized experience.
  2. Best Sellers: Recommend your store's top-selling products based on the customer's cart, highlighting your most popular items.
  3. Manual Selection: Handpick products to feature, tailoring offers to your unique sales strategy.

Flexible Options: Tailor Upsells to Your Strategy

Customize your post-purchase upsell sequence to fit your needs. Offer the full two-step sequence or just one upsell. Use AI-powered recommendations or manually select products to move specific inventory. Present offers as either dollar-off or percentage-off discounts. Boost Post-Purchase is easy to use and highly effective at maximizing revenue.

How Boost works

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    Boost is the most valuable app in the Shopify App Store. it installs easily and is free to try.

  • Follow a Setup Wizard

    Start with any feature you want and set it up easily in minutes without code edits.

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    You can try Boost privately without making it live. Once all is good, easily launch any feature.

Boost Sales by Striking While the Iron is Hot

Join the top food, health, and wellness brands using Post Purchase Upsell Boost to increase average order value and customer retention.

“Equip loves Boost: best cart (and so much more) app, period.”

Kieran Mathew