Track Your Boost Results and Maximize ROI

Moneyboard is the perfect complement to your existing analytics, providing a dedicated dashboard to track the results you achieve with Boost. Gain valuable insights into your revenue, return on investment (ROI), and other key metrics directly impacted by Boost's features.

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  • Equip Foods
  • Rheal Superfoods
  • Adapt Naturals
  • Carnivore Aurelius
  • Hunter and Gather Foods
  • Hydralyte
  • Kettle & Fire
  • Heart & Soil
  • Boxed Halal
  • Carnivore Snax
  • Happy Wolf
  • Douxds
Equip Foods
Heart & Soil
Rheal Superfoods
Adapt Naturals
Carnivore Snax
Kettle & Fire
Hunter and Gather Foods
Carnivore Aurelius
Boxed Halal
Happy Wolf

Top-Performing Store Doubles AOV with Boost

"We've tried two other popular apps, and Boost outperformed them all in both AOV and conversion. The app is incredibly user-friendly on the backend, and our customers love the experience."

Equip Foods
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Clearly High ROI

Return on Investment gauges the efficiency of the enabled Boost features by comparing the total incremental revenue against the cost of Boost. A higher ROI signals a greater return on the money spent. To ramp up ROI, simply enable all Boost features.

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Key Stats at a Glance

Moneyboard provides an overview of the revenue generated from various Boost features, including Cart Performance, Collections Boost, Checkout Upsells, Post-Purchase Upsells, In-Cart Cross-Sells, AI Recommendations, and Bundle Boost Performance. This allows you to quickly assess the impact of each feature on your store's revenue.

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Performance Across Cart Tiers

Dive into your cart's performance with a detailed breakdown based on reward tiers. See the number of orders and revenue attributed to each tier, whether it's free shipping, percentage discounts, or free gifts. This helps you understand how different reward tiers contribute to your overall revenue.

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Checkout Upsell Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your checkout upsells' performance. Monitor the total revenue, average upsell value, and order count influenced by this strategy. Identify top-performing upsell products and track their individual metrics, including order counts, revenue, and conversion rates.

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Post Purchase Upsell Analysis

Explore the impact of post-purchase upsells on your revenue. Track total earnings, average upsell value, and order count driven by this approach. Identify the best-performing products offered as post-purchase upsells and review their detailed metrics, such as order counts, revenue, and conversion percentages.

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Subscription Switch Success

Measure the effectiveness of the "Switch to Subscription" feature in your cart. Track the revenue generated from customers switching their one-time purchases to subscription products, and assess the impact of subscription offerings on your overall revenue.

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Bundle Builder Breakdown

Evaluate the performance of your Bundle Builders with key figures like total revenue and orders. Dive into the numbers for each bundle flow to identify top-performing flows and adjust your strategies accordingly. Use this data to fine-tune your offerings and maximize revenue and customer satisfaction.

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