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Maximize Lifetime Value

Cater to your loyal customers with a personalized version of your store. Boost LTV Max amplifies customer experiences, treating loyal customers with the appreciation they deserve and incentivizing them for their loyalty. Make sure your customers know they are more than one in a million.

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customer success with boost genie

Your Customers
Deserve Better

Your site is great for new visitors, but what about the customers who are already present, loyal, and ready to grow with your brand? Shouldn't their experience get better and not the other way around? Treat your customers to the experience they deserve, enhancing their journey with Boost LTV Max.

A Store Just for Customers

Boost LTV Max brings to life an exclusive version of your store, just for your customers. An intuitive interface to manage their accounts, and personalized product recommendations are just the start. Get your customers to spend more, explore, and fall in love with new products, growing their lifetime value.

Unlock Exclusive Experiences

Ensure your loyal customers never feel like they're missing out. With Boost LTV Max, introduce customer-only products, exclusive spaces, and paid memberships. Extend preferential service to your loyal customers because they deserve the best.


Maximizing value,
one customer at a time.

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