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Give Your Store the Power to Fulfill Your Wishes

Unleash the consciousness of your store itself, enabling it to respond, adapt, and perform like never before.

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customer success with boost genie

Wake Your Store Up

Every action, every customer, every transaction—Boost Genie makes your store aware of every detail. Watch as your store becomes alive, capable to understand and respond in ways you've never thought possible.

Talk with Your Store

No longer a one-way process. Engage in dynamic conversations with your conscious store through Boost Genie. Ask questions, seek advice, and fine-tune your strategies through this interactive dialogue. Wake your store up to a new level of engagement.

Increase Your Growth IQ

Boost Genie is like the Aladdin's lamp for your Shopify store. It's not about commands; it's about wishes. Wishing for better sales? Wish granted. Hoping for improved customer retention? Consider it done. Looking for optimal growth? It's yours.

Making the Most of Boost with Genie

Boost Genie isn't just a tool—it's a partner that collaborates with you to achieve the best from your Shopify store. It intelligently recommends strategies like optimal reward tiers right when you set up the cart, ensuring you're geared for success from day one.


Transforming wishes into reality, one store at a time.

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