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Drive Last-Minute Sales with Unique Offers at Checkout

Showcase the power of Checkout Powerups, a key tool in elevating your customers' checkout experience. Exhibit targeted products at checkout for a last-minute add-on, driving the ultimate increase in your Average Order Value (AOV).

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Mockup showing the checkout Powerups in action.

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Key Features

Cultivate Richer Checkouts with Checkout Powerups

Transform your checkout process into an enriching finale. Exhibit additional valuable offers to customers right when they're finalizing their purchase, giving a powerful boost to your overall AOV.

  • Foster bigger orders by strategically placing last-minute add-ons
  • Spike your sales by infusing intelligent Powerups in the checkout process

Intelligent Powerups at Checkout Powered by Boost AI

Drive effective last-minute Powerups with our smart technology. Checkout Powerups offer personalized product suggestions right when your customers are placing orders, making single purchases more valuable.

  • Product suggestions powered by AI for personalized powerups options
  • Simplify Powerups with our responsive one-click addition feature at checkout

Tailor Your Rewards for Effective Powerups

Cultivate an enhanced checkout atmosphere by offering customers custom rewards for each powerup. Provide incentivizing offers at checkout, making the completion of their purchase more satisfying and beneficial for you.

  • Select discount types easily: opt for a fixed dollar amount off or a percentage off
  • Tailor the powerup reward to create the ideal incentive for customers

Skyrocket Your AOV
and Sales Today

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to enhance your checkout procedure and boost your store's performance. Embrace Checkout Powerups and witness the transformative change it yields.

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