Bundle Your Way to Bigger Orders

Transform your store into a bundling powerhouse. Encourage customers to mix and match their perfect product combinations, driving up order values and engagement.

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A favorite of food, health, and wellness brands.

  • Equip Foods
  • Rheal Superfoods
  • Adapt Naturals
  • Carnivore Aurelius
  • Hunter and Gather Foods
  • Hydralyte
  • Kettle & Fire
  • Heart & Soil
  • Boxed Halal
  • Carnivore Snax
  • Happy Wolf
  • Douxds
Equip Foods
Heart & Soil
Rheal Superfoods
Adapt Naturals
Carnivore Snax
Kettle & Fire
Hunter and Gather Foods
Carnivore Aurelius
Boxed Halal
Happy Wolf

Top-Performing Store Doubles AOV with Boost

"We've tried two other popular apps, and Boost outperformed them all in both AOV and conversion. The app is incredibly user-friendly on the backend, and our customers love the experience."

Equip Foods
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Boost Sales with Bulk Purchases

Encourage customers to buy more by offering discounts on bundled items. This leads to larger carts, increased reorders, and greater revenue. The more they bundle, the more they save—it's a win-win!

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Tailor-Made Product Combos

Let customers create their perfect mix with tailored product combinations. This personalized shopping experience drives increased purchases and customer satisfaction. They get exactly what they want, and you get boosted sales.

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Triple Builder Advantage

Maximize your conversion opportunities with three distinct bundle builders, each with its own dedicated URL. Use one for your primary site experience, another optimized for email campaigns, and a third tailored for ad-driven traffic.

Bundles of Joy, Bundles of Profit

Bundle Boost is more than just a tool—it's a strategy. By encouraging bulk purchases, offering personalized product combos, and leveraging the power of targeted bundle builders, you'll drive engagement, increase order values, and keep customers coming back for more.

How Boost works

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    Boost is the most valuable app in the Shopify App Store. it installs easily and is free to try.

  • Follow a Setup Wizard

    Start with any feature you want and set it up easily in minutes without code edits.

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    You can try Boost privately without making it live. Once all is good, easily launch any feature.

Bundle Your Way to Bigger Orders

Join the top food, health, and wellness brands using Bundle Boost to increase average order value and customer retention.

“Equip loves Boost: best cart (and so much more) app, period.”

Kieran Mathew